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School Uniform

School uniform requirements for our school.

The Department for Education strongly encourages schools to have a school uniform. This page sets out the school’s policy and approach on uniform and confirms the school’s commitment to providing value for money to parents and ensuring that no pupils is discriminated against due to their gender, disability, religion or belief, economic circumstances or social and cultural background. 

The school uniform helps ensure that pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome. It protects pupils from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurtures cohesion, promoting good relations between different groups of pupils. 

This policy follows the DfE statutory guidance, ‘Cost of school uniforms’, published November 2021 and takes account of the non-statutory guidance, ‘School uniforms’, published June 2023. 

Our Local Governing Committee expect pupils to wear school uniform for the following reasons: 

  • It fosters a sense of identity and belonging to a school community. 
  • It promotes a sense of pride in the school, in line with our ethos and values. 
  • It supports positive behaviour and discipline. 
  • It is practical, comfortable and appropriate for activities in school. 
  • It is affordable. 
  • It helps pupils to feel equal and encourages cohesion. 
  • It has been designed with health and safety in mind. 

Uniform table key 

  • O / R – optional or required item 
  • B / G – branded item required or generic (e.g. supermarket) alternative will be accepted 
  • Season specific – N = can be worn in any season 

Our uniform provider is Logos Unlimited. Uniform can be purchased online at: 

Or by visiting their store at: 

322d Mayoral Way, Team Valley, Gateshead NE11 0RT. 

You can contact them on 0191 4879240. 

The school uniform is neat and provides our children with a sense of pride, equality and identity. The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Every article must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. 


The wearing of any kind of jewellery in school is prohibited. The school cannot be held responsible for any lost items. 


Girls should tie long hair neatly back with unfussy bands / bobbles / slides to avoid it being pulled or caught especially during PE. Boys should have neat short hair without tramlines. Extreme haircuts / colours are not permitted.  

Winter Uniform

Boys WinterGirls WinterO/RG/B
Royal blue ‘v necked’ jumper embroidered with school logoRoyal blue ‘v necked’ jumper/cardigan embroidered with school logoRB
Light blue shirt with royal blue tieLight blue shirt with royal blue tieRG
Grey trousersGrey skirt or pinafore or trousersRG
Grey socksGrey socks/tightsRG
Black Leather Shoes (no trainers or boots)Black Leather Shoes (no trainers or boots)RG

Summer Uniform

Boys WinterGirls SummerO/RG/B
Royal blue ‘v necked’ jumper embroidered with school logo Royal blue cardigan embroidered with school logoRB
Sky blue polo shirt Light blue/white gingham dressRG
Grey trousers/shorts and grey socksWhite socks/Grey socksRG
Black Leather Shoes (no trainers or boots)Black Leather Shoes/Sandals (no trainers or boots)RG

When we have inclement weather, the children can travel in suitable footwear then change in school.

PE / Games

  • T-shirt (team colour). 
  • (boys and girls) Navy blue shorts (not cycling shorts) 
  • Black slip-on plimsolls / Training shoes  
  • Plain Navy Tracksuit 
  • PE kit must all be clearly named and in a draw-string bag (to hang on pupil’s peg). 
  • PE kit should be worn on identified PE days 
  • Football strips are not acceptable for PE lessons 

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Updated | 12th March, 2024 |

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