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Prayer and Liturgy

Collective Worship

Today we heard the story of Elizabeth meeting Mary, and the joy she felt as a result of their encounter. After hearing the word, we each decorated the focal point with an item from the treasure chest.

Easter Egg-stravaganza

It was brilliant to see everyone’s brilliant Easter cards and crafts this afternoon. Well done everyone for your hard work. The judges have some very hard decisions to make!

Easter Bonnet Parade

Reception and Year 6 showed off their incredible Easter bonnet creations with a parade in the hall for the rest of the school. Well done everyone!

Lent Celebration of the Word at the BWCET

A very reflective celebration of the word at the BWCET this afternoon.

Mindfulness Ambassadors: How can we calm our bodies?

In our most recent mindfulness session we spent time thinking about how we can calm our bodies, more specifically, how we can use simple stretches to help us calm down. In this session, we looked at different stretches and talked about how we can use these stretches to time our breathing and centre ourselves. Take […]

Celebration of the Word: Lenten Reflection

This morning the children in KS2 gathered together to reflect on their Lenten journey, taking the time to say sorry to God and ask for his forgiveness. We know that if we say sorry to God and turn back to him, we will always be forgiven. As we continue on our Lenten journey, we know […]

Celebrating Ramadan

We welcomed visitors into school who have told us all about Ramadan. These visitors are part of our school family and are celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan has special significance in Islam. During this holy month Muslims are encouraged to fast, give to charity, show kindness to one another and strengthen their relationship […]

Stewards of Creation: Mental Health

In Stewards of Creation, we are looking at healthy living and what we can do to keep healthy. We focused on our mental health this week, looking at what our hobbies and passions are and how we can use our gifts and talents to make ourselves and others happy.

Year 3: How do people give glory to God through the Gloria?

As part of our topic on Listening and Sharing, Year 3 have been learning about the Gloria, where we respond to God’s mercy and forgiveness. We examined the words used in the Gloria and discussed how they remind us of the heavenly message that the shepherds received when Jesus was born.

Stewards of Creation: Wonderful Water

In our Stewards of Creation club, we spent time thinking about water and why we need it to be healthy. Our topic at the moment is healthy living and we are looking at different things we need to consider in order to stay healthy. We wrote or drew a picture of something that we had […]

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Latest News

Animals in contrasting places.

This week in Geography, Year 2 were using their knowledge of animal habitats to sort which climate different living things belonged to. The climate in Low Fell or Townsville, Australia?

Hot cross buns!

Year 2 ended the spring term with a hot cross bun treat! We talked about the relevance of the hot cross bun and how the cross symbolises

Celebration assembly